Parenting Course feedback

So, Monday evening saw the conclusion of our invaluable Parenting course led by psychotherapist, Renee Van der Vloodt.

Each and every attendee gained valuable insight into both coping mechanisms and ways in which to address our childrens’ behaviour and we hope that everyone will take this home and build on the experience.

The interactive sessions addressed a range of topics and allowed all the parents to discuss their personal experiences in depth.

As well as learning a huge amount from Renee the group benefitted from sharing their experiences with like-minded mums, and I think many found that was a great comfort.

I’m sure the 11 attendees (pictured above) would happily talk you through their thoughts on the course. And hopefully we’ll be able to run a second course for any members that are interested so please keep an eye out for updates.

Many, many thanks to Renee for an inspiring few months!