Check out our list of events for 2017 with a guest blog from our new events team

Hello and a very happy new year!

We are Gabby (with twin girls Florrie and Astrid)  and Hannah (with twin boys Josh and Tommy). Lisa (with Poppy and Maisie) and Liane (with Daisy and Alyce) are helping us out with their events knowledge as they organised the twins club events last year.

We have come up with a mix of things over the next six months for kids, families, mums, dads, and carers. Some of it is free and some of it you will need to pay for.

We also know that life as a twin parent can sometimes be utterly crazy and unpredictable, so some of the activities are ones you need to sign up to and others are there for you to turn up to if the mood takes you on the day.

We are really keen to hear your ideas too – so if you have any – please tell us and we can make them happen.

Hurrah here we go….. Lets have some fun!

Gabby and Hannah



Saturday 4 February - 10.15am-12pm (NCT members can get in from 10am) TURN UP

NCT Nearly New Sale – North Holmewood Village Hall, RH5 4JP

Okay – so this one isn’t strictly arranged by us, but we all love a bargain and this is in a village hall on a road called Spook Hill which is an exciting name for a hill.


Tuesday 28 February – 7.30pm SIGN UP

T2 Trainspotting – The Harlequin theatre and cinema, Redhill

Cost: £5.50 Cheap Tuesday - 

Remember those days of going to the cinema, buying an enormous bag of popcorn and a pepsi as big as your head then finishing it before the trailers had ended needing a wee. Lets do it again! This cult film will probably contain words you shouldn’t say in front of your two year old (unless they have been really naughty).

You can either give Gabby/Hannah £5.50 at Twins Club to organise for you (subject to availability) buy your tickets online or call the box office on: 01737 276500.

Monday 6 March – 11.30am – 1pm SIGN UP

Imagineville - Baytree House Charlwood House Day Nursery, Charlwood Road Lowfield Heath, Crawley, RH11 0QA

Cost: A special Twin Club deal of £10 per family (1 adult + 2 children) with a free hot drink thrown in

Imagineville is a new stay and play centre for preschool children and their parents or carers. It is based on role play toys where children are able to use their imagination to create 90mins of entertainment. For example they have a pretend cafe and a medical centre.  Parents can even join in the fun if they choose to, although if they prefer they can also stand back and watch their children play.

We have booked this slot exclusively for Twins Club and there are 7 family places available so sign up quick!


Friday 17 March – 10.30am TURN UP

DISCOVERY WALK, Priory Farm, Nutfield

Cost: £2.50 per person over 2 years

A buggy friendly nature trail walk (up some steep hills though so don’t wear high heels!) with some gorgeous views of the surrey countryside and lots of stuff for the kids to do – including feeding some very hungry fish!

If that’s not your style then there’s a lovely cafe, farm shop and kids swings, slides and pirate ship which you can hang out in for free.


Tuesday 11 April – 8pm start TURN UP

Pub Quiz at the Beehive Pub, 90 Dovers Green Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8EG

Cost: £1 per person plus drinks

We are not bragging, but last year we came second in this pub quiz! Great prizes, friendly pub, lovely Rose, come on your own or book a babysitter and bring your other half for a good old brain tickler of a night out.


Sunday 30 April – 3-5.30pm SIGN UP

Easter Party – At Twins Club, Allingham Road

Cost: £5 per family

The famous Easter Party is back with games, fun & food for the kids, mums, dads, carers and grandparents. Bring along your homemade Easter bonnet for a chance to win in the hat parade and brace the parents for a sugar filled Easter egg hunt.


Sunday 21 May – 3pm onwards TURN UP

Sunday afternoon gathering – The Station Pub, Nutfield

Cost: depends what you are drinking!

Weather dependant! We know this is England, but if its sunny/not raining or snowing join us for an afternoon in this kid friendly beer garden with bouncy castle and slides etc.


Friday 16 June – 10.30am onwards TURN UP

Tilgate Park Nature Centre, 

Cost: £2.50 adults / £1.50 children / under 2 free

Located in the stunning Tilgate Park , Tilgate Nature Centre houses over 100 different species. From otters to owls, mongoose to mice and parrots to pigs, there are so many animals to learn about, a visit to Tilgate Nature Centre is not to be missed!


Sunday 9 July – 12pm onwards TURN UP

Picnic in Priory Park, Reigate

Cost: Free but bring and share food

A chance for all the family to meet other twin families. Games and food and fun! Bring and share lunch.


Sunday 6 August -2.30-5pm SIGN UP TO BAKE / TURN UP TO EAT

Brockham Teas on the green

Cost: Mainly to your waistline

Cake, Cake and more cake! If there was ever anyone who needed cake (and gin!) more it was a twin mum. You will literally be swimming in victoria sponge. Come and eat cake, help out with other people eating cake, and of course bake a shed load of cakes for this fun and family friendly fundraiser for the club.


Friday 11 August – 11am onwards TURN UP

Goring by Sea. Worthing.

Cost: free

The annual trip to the seaside with a family friendly beach and cafe. All we need is buckets and spades of sunshine (or at least no snow!)