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Thumbie’s rock! – for the thumb suckers out there!

Heidi’s twin girls Lucy and Maria have both been avid thumb suckers since they were very tiny. Here is how Heidi got them to stop… If anyone else has problems with thumb sicking then do read on!

“The dentist advised that they needed to stop soon and I thought nothing would work (certainly the nail-varnish-type stuff didn’t touch them – they just grimaced and carried on sucking!).

“But these “thumbsie’s” have absolutely saved the day. Cheap as anything, and in so many colours and designs, the girls loved choosing their own one and were desperate to get to bed to wear them! Thumb sucking stopped overnight and the habit seemed to be broken even in the day time within a couple of weeks. 3 months on they don’t need them at all but they still love the reassurance and fun of wearing them.

“I’d recommend them to anyone!!”

Thank you Heidi for the tip.

Check out the designs at and good luck!